Korea Stamps SC #7 1895 10 Poon used
Korea Stamps SC #7 1895 10 Poon used
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South Korea stamp Plants (I-XII) MNH 1965 WS193353
South Korea stamp Plants (I-XII) MNH 1965 WS193353
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About Korean Stamps
Korea issued its own stamps in early November 18, 1884. Although the five values ​​were printed - 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Sun, only the values ​​5m and 10m have been given, and even saw little use, because the mail had been burned during the rebellion in December 1884.
The next set of stamps did not appear until 1895, and consisted of four values: 5, 10, 25 and 50 Poon, all with the same design with a yin-yang symbol. They were overloaded "Tae Han" in 1897, and a premium rate Poon in 1900.
The currency exchange in 1900, and Rin, and Cheun weun new stamps required, and consequently published a series of 13, with values ​​ranging between 2 rin 2 weun. Although all models have a common theme of yin yang symbol, the frames are different for each value, and the three highest values ​​is printed in two colors each. In 1902, five of these additional costs handstamps black.
Korea has issued a commemorative stamp of the first October 18, 1902, marking the 40th anniversary of Emperor Gojong. Orange described the imperial crown stamp.
Stamps end of the Empire was another series of 13 issued in 1903 with all stamps in a municipality is a hawk.